Freja Beha Erichsen wearing Joomi Lim in Vogue Italia (March 2010)

Designer Joomi Lim has been quite a busy bee lately, and her two collections Joomi NYC and Joomi Lim have both been experiencing a great deal of success across the globe. She is quickly becoming a fashion editor favourite, with her pieces appearing in the pages of Vogue and Instyle. Trend-setting celebrities adore her too: Jessica Alba, Rihanna, and Leighton Meester have all been spotted wearing her jewels. Her collections are now carried at select fashion-forward stores and boutiques around the world, and we are proud to say that Sophie’s Closet is one of them. To learn a bit more about this exciting designer, her inspirations and design process, we did a little Q&A with Joomi Lim herself.

You were a make-up artist before dabbling in jewelry. Was the progression from one creative field to another pretty natural?
Yes, the process was pretty natural. I also designed clothing and lingerie for my own label as well as for Victoria’s Secret as a freelancer. I would also love to design home accessories.

In your website bio, it says that you are “inspired by everything French.” What is it about France or French culture that you find so inspirational?
I feel that French people love all things beautiful. You could see that in everything from their decor, architecture, food, music, furniture and more. It’s so inspiring to see all the little details they put in them. I ask to gift wrap some of my purchases when I shop there even though they are for myself, just because I appreciate their pretty gift wrapping. It makes me feel nice!

Do you have a muse or a style icon in mind when you are designing?
My style icons range from Kate Moss, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sofia Coppola, to Bridget Bardot to Marie Antoinette.

Pretty Bijoux Ring (AED 490) in Zink magazine (March 2010)

Can you briefly describe your design process?
My design process varies from collection to collection. Sometimes I sketch specific designs and execute them exactly. This process is especially neccessary when working with contractors. They pretty much follow your designs so it has to be very detailed. But most of the time, I buy many different type of materials (whatever I am feeling for the season) and start playing with them. This to me is the most fun way to design. I get to explore and come up with lots of great surprises.

How has your partner/husband Xavier’s background in industrial design influenced you recent work?
Xavier loves to work with different materials and innovative processes. We recently introduced the Ti22 collection which is his baby, so to speak. He found this titanium coating process, which is truly amazing. Our jewelry can now be coated with a lot of beautiful colors in titanium that you can’t get with regular electro plating. At the moment, you don’t see this process anywhere else in the jewelry industry. I, of course, brought my design style to this collection. And you could clearly see our collaboration in this collection more so than others.

Spiked bangles and Ti22 collection in Teen Vogue (May 2010)

Spiked Gold Bangles (AED 420, AED 470)

Your collections range from pretty girlie headbands to classic pearl pieces to geometric spike bangles. Does this reflect your own chameleon-like style?
I love mixing styles. I could be wearing the nicest dress but with my Converse. Or simple jeans with a crystal jeweled statement necklace. My personal style is definitely unconventional and you see some of this come through in my collections-like the mixing of spikes and pearls.

Can you tells us a little bit about your personal style?
Casual Chic!

Blair Waldorf famously wore your headbands on Gossip Girl and we are huge fans of the show. Are you a fan of the show? If yes, which character do you most relate to?
I am a fan of the show as well. I can’t say that I relate to anyone in particular but Blair is my favorite character in the show.

Blair Waldorf wearing the Pearl Headband (AED 240)

Your pieces were recently featured in Teen Vogue and Vogue Italia, Jessica Alba has been seen sporting your spike bangles all around Hollywood – was there a particular moment that you are extremely proud of?
It’s always great to see our work in the press. I especially loved seeing our work on Jessica Alba. I think she’s one of the coolest celebs in the business. I am more flattered than proud I think.

Jessica Alba wearing Spiked Bracelets in gunmetal (AED 320)

Rihanna wearing Spiked Pearl Necklace (AED 720)

We are honored to have found out that you named your “Sophie’s Boudoir” collection after Sophie’s Closet. Can you tell us a little bit more about the collection.
The collection is made with pearls and Swarovski Crystal. It’s simple, yet very whimsical and elegant. I noticed that Sophie really likes our jewelry collections made with pearls. So when I started this pearl hair accessories collection, I thought the Sophie’s Boudoir name would be perfect. BTW, this collection is still in progress. I am planning on adding more styles!

Pearl headband from Joomi Lim’s “Sophie’s Boudoir” collection (coming soon)

What’s next for Joomi Lim?

Xavier and I would love to have a candle and other home accessories collection. But this is a long term goal. I think it’s important for us to make our jewelry and hair business solid first.

To view our entire Joomi Lim selection, visit www.shopatsophiescloset.com.

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