Erickson Beamon CHANDELIERS!

Erickson Beamon CHANDELIERS!

We are in love! They are like giant pieces of jewellery for our homes! Just as we thought Erickson Beamon jewels couldn’t get more beautiful, we discover these.

Having one of these would be like living in Versailles. Then we could pretend that we are Marie Antoinette (minus the whole French Revolution thing) and prance around in our prettiest frocks while eating macaroons and sipping tea from our finest porcelain cups.

Raquel Zimmerman in Versailles, Vogue (September 2007)

The combination and the variety of jewels is just spectacular! The beads, the crystals, the porcelain flowers, the cameo details… Gorgeous!

A bit less girlie but equally as glamorous is this pearl and crystal one. It’s elegant and neutral enough that even the men in our lives would approve of it. And if they didn’t, we’d create a room just for it, where we would keep all of our prettiest things. Much like Sophie’s Closet!

Versailles Galerie des Glaces

Bad news: the chandeliers start at $25,000. But they are totally worth it!

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