GOSSIP GIRL STYLE: Blair and Serena

GOSSIP GIRL STYLE: Blair and Serena


To celebrate (or to mourn) the end of Gossip Girl’s third season, Sophie’s Closet is doing a spotlight on some of the fabulous jewelry worn by our favourite characters this season. These girls are our favourite trendsetters! In fact, we carry many accessories from the show and many similar ones, because we know what’s in.

So let’s start with Blair and Serena.

Blair and Serena are currently the most influential television characters when it comes to style, inspiring young women everywhere, as well as stylists and designers. Although very different, they are the ultimate NYC “IT” girls. Blair takes after her idol Audrey Hepburn, opting for very classic and feminine styles, while Serena takes the ultimate blonde bombshell to a whole new level by adding a sweet bohemian touch to her otherwise very sexy looks.

Blair went through a very trying time this season, losing her Queen Bee status by going to NYU and ultimately losing Chuck. Of course, all the heartache didn’t stop Blair from dressing like the Queen of the Upper East Side (which she clearly is). For Blair, accessories truly make the outfit. This is the girl that singlehandedly resurrected headbands. While she may have put her headbands behind (although we hear that they may be coming back next season), Blair’s accessories have remained very playful and girlie. Blair prefers pearls, pretty coloured jewels, and, of course, bows.

Blair is not afraid of colour when it comes to her statement pieces. At Sophie’s Closet, we have two amazing pieces worn by Blair. She wore an amazing green glass and gold necklace to match her Grace Sun deep green dress over some croissants with her frenemy Vanessa. Blair knows that the true way to win any war is to look more stylish than anyone else.

EXACT MATCH: David Aubrey Vintage Glass Cabochon Necklace (AED 480)

Blair also knows the importance of accessorizing to match your other half. Her and Chuck are both avid fans of purple. His tie and her bracelet are an exact match! Blair paired her ElieTahari dress with a Bounkit purple cuff because she knows purple is a sure way to Chuck’s heart. We only hope these lovebirds will find a way to get back together next season!

EXACT MATCH: Bounkit Faceted Amethyst Cuff (AED 2200)

Like Audrey Hepburn, Blair loves pearls. Other than diamonds, pearls are a girl’s best friend. If Blair was shopping at Sophie’s Closet, she would certainly buy both Jacques Fath’s “Chez Maxim” and Joomi Lin’s “Save the Queen” necklaces.

TRY: Jacques Fath “Chez MAXIM Rose” Necklace (AED 2500)

TRY: Joomi Lim “Save the Queen” Short Layered Necklace with Bijoux (AED 1800)

Of course, Blair has a soft spot for pretty gold bracelets with bows. She has been seen wearing Rachel Leigh’s “Audrey” bow bracelet in previous seasons. We think she would also love Rachel Leigh’s “Olivia” bow bracelet and Vita Fede’s chain bracelet. They are exactly her style.

TRY: Rachel Leigh “Olivia” Snakeskin Bracelet (AED 350)

TRY: Vita Fede Large Original Chain Bracelet (AED 595)

She would also adore Rachel Leigh’s crystal layer bracelet to go with her feminine a-line skirts and cardigans. Blair is a classic beauty.

TRY: Rachel Leigh Crystal Layer Bracelet (AED 520)
Blair’s BFF Serena prefers darker colours to go with her femme fatale look. She loves body conscious dresses, skinny jeans and shy high heels – whatever drives the boys crazy (and she changes boys as often as she changes outfits)! When it comes to jewelry, Serena often wears a combination of gold and black, whether it’s rings, bracelets or earrings.

Earlier in the season, Serena wore a large gold and black cocktail ring very similar to CC Skye’s “Blossom” ring we have at Sophie’s Closet.

TRY: CC Skye “Blossom” Ring, Blossom Ring (AED 925)

Serena is all about layering multiple pieces of jewelry. She often wears classic cocktail dresses paired with edgy jewelry. If she was shopping at Sophie’s Closet, she would layer multiple CC Skye bracelets: the more, the merrier.

TRY LAYERING: CC SKYE Pave Stud Bracelet Gold (AED 1100) & CC SKYE Single Wrap Bracelet (AED 870)

Of course, we love Bounkit as much as Serena! We love how she paired this multi-strand cuff with her body con Hereve Leger dress. A statement bracelet is often all Serena needs because we already know her decolletage is her favourite accessory. We can’t blame her for that.

EXACT MATCH: Bounkit Bracelet (AED 4200)

TRY: “Fasino” Triple Natural Snakeskin Cuff (AED 495)

During her more demure days (yes, they do happen), Serena often opts for a simple gold cuff. We think she would adore CC Skye’s “Dynasty” cuff that we have at Sophie’s Closet.

TRY: CC Skye Dynasty Multi Chain Cuff (AED 555)

Nothing accentuates Serena’s flawless skin more than a pair of dangling earrings. She prefers dark stones in contrast with her blonde long hair. Serena (and other girls on Gossip Girl) loves designer Siman Tu. We love how she paired Siman Tu’s chandelier earrings with her lace Stella McCartney lace dress. It’s quintessentially Serena: femme fatale with a romantic twist.

TRY: Bounkit Earrings with Citrine, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst (AED 1700)

SIMILAR MATCH: Siman Tu Smoky Quartz Chandelier Earrings (AED 1430)

We can’t wait to see the fabulous outfits Blair and Serena will sport when the series continues in Paris! And we sincerely hope everything will be okay with Chuck.

Of course, we didn’t forget Vanessa, Jenny and Lily. We adore them too! Check back next week to see what they love to wear.


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