GOSSIP GIRL STYLE: Vanessa, Jenny, and Lily

GOSSIP GIRL STYLE: Vanessa, Jenny, and Lily

Vanessa may not be everyone’s favourite character but we love her! She is a sassy Brooklyn girl with a penchant for social climbing. We don’t fault her for that, it’s hard keeping up with all those ritzy Upper East Siders! Vanessa has a style of her own. She is an urban bohemian at her best. While we are not quite sure how she manages to afford designers like Catherine Malandrino and Matthew Williamson, we certainly approve of her chic choices.

Vanessa is a master of layering. She often wears beautifully draped tunics and jackets coupled with multiple layers of jewelry. She is almost always seen with a pair of dangly earrings (a must-have for a boho girl). We think she would love Bounkit’s red Carnelian earrings.

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Being more earthy, Vanessa loves colourful turquoise and coral stones. Those colours compliment her beautiful complexion so well. Turquoise must be her favourite colour, because episode after episode she is seen wearing stunning turquoise pieces. For example, she paired a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg sweater coat with turquoise earrings that look a lot like Siman Tu’s from Sophie’s Closet. How cool is Vanessa?

SIMILAR MATCH: Siman Tu Turquoise Cabochon Chandelier Earrings (AED 1190)

One of our favourite looks from Season 3 is Vanessa’s Catherine Malandrino maxi dress combined with Siman Tu’s aqua glass necklace. This stunning piece brought out her blue eyes and helped her win a little academic war she fought with Blair. We do love our Blair, but Vanessa had an advantage this time: again it was Siman Tu.

EXACT MATCH: Siman Tu Aqua Glass Necklace (AED 2995)

Sorry, Blair (we do love you), but even in your “All About Eve” dream sequence, we preferred Vanessa’s young ingénue ensemble made of a Reem Acra white gown and some flashy diamond earrings that looked a lot like our Jacques Fath pearl earrings with Swarovski crystals. Vanessa is not afraid to glam it up!

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Then there is our other favourite Brooklyn girl, Jenny Humphrey or “Little J.” Of course, now that she is a legitimate member of the Upper East Side crowd, she is no longer stealing vintage Valentino’s. She has a closet full of Blumarine, Andrew Gn and Preen to chose from (it certainly pays to have Lily as your stepmother). Deep down at heart, though, Jenny is still a rebellious Brooklyn girl and we love every second of it! She is a punk princess reminiscent of Debbie Harry. Not surprisingly, her favourite colour is black and she is always adorned with a plethora of black leather accessories (just in case we didn’t already know how tough she is). While we can’t forgive her for the Chuck incident, we still love her style.

Plus, how many girls her age can pull this amazingly cool Andrew Gn spiderweb gown? We love how she paired it with multiple Vita Fede’s “Como” wrap bracelets.

EXACT MATCH: Vita Fede “Como” Wrap Circle Double (AED 360)

When she is not dressing up for scandalous high society parties, Jenny prefers micro mini-skirts, leather moto jackets and vests, and, of course, lace and fishnet tights. Because she wore Vita Fede’s “Como” bracelet, we also think she would love our Vita Fede’s “Dolce” braided bracelet. It’s rock chic at its finest.

TRY: Vita Fede “Dolce” Braided Triple Wrap Bracelet (AED 350)

Punk girls sometimes need a little bit of girlieness too. Jenny often wears rhinestones, sequins, and pearls. That is why we would suggest CC Skye’s “Ashley” bracelet and Joomi Lim’s spiked pearl necklace. They are perfect for her.

TRY: CC Skye “Ashley” Bracelet (AED 980)

TRY: Joomi Lim Spiked Pearl Necklace (AED 720)

It’s always black for Jenny, even when it comes to earrings. We think these Siman Tu’s black chandelier earrings should be a permanent item in Jenny’s all-black closet (although something tells us that when she returns back from her vacation, she will be a little softer, a little more colourful). One thing we know for sure is that Jenny is “Little J” no more.

TRY: Siman Tu Smoky Quartz Chandelier (AED 1430)

There is no doubt in our mind that the best dressed woman on the Upper East Side is Lily Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphrey (we lost count of her surnames…). We are not sure whether she has more marriages under her belt or more Birkin bags. But whether getting married or divorced, Lily always looks gorgeous and elegant. We love her and we think she would love us too because we carry many of her favourite accessories.

On her wedding day to Rufus, Lily paired her burgundy (designed by Jenny) dress with these stunning aqua glass Siman Tu earrings. May we point that no one wears a chignon quite like Lily?

EXACT MATCH: Siman Tu Aqua Glass Chandelier Earrings (AED 1700)

Another chignon, another gorgeous pair of Siman Tu earrings. This time she paired them with a Black Halo blue dress. We love the blue on blue!

EXACT MATCH: Turquoise Chandelier Earrings (AED 1800)

Lily might be Siman Tu’s biggest fan because she wore his earrings yet again! We just love how these pearl flower earrings look on her. Her style is always clean and elegant. She is a modern day Grace Kelly.

EXACT MATCH: Siman Tu Large Pearl Flower Earrings (AED 1500)

It’s no wonder men from Lily’s past are always popping up out of nowhere. She is absolute perfection. Here she is again with yet another effortless looking chignon wearing a black Marni dress paired with Kenneth Jay Lane green crystal earrings that are almost an exact match to our Bounkit green agate earrings. She certainly brings the term “Park Avenue” to a whole new level. Some people are just born with natural elegance (if only Serena could have inherited this).

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We can’t wait to see what they are going to wear next season. September can’t come soon enough! We hope Vanessa enjoys helping people with her internship in Haiti even though she lost a boyfriend in the process (that selfish Dan). We hope Jenny moves beyond her bad-girl drug peddling days and reconnects with her family (although we cannot forgive her for what she did to Blair). And we certainly hope Lily is fully recovered from cancer because the show would not be half as stylish without her.


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