Pearls: Past & Present

Pearls: Past & Present

Discover the pursuit of pearls through the ages, with our review of how our fascination with this exquisite gem has grown over the years. A few memorable moments in history have enhanced our love for classic, outfit-elevating pearls:


Audrey Hepburn
Every woman can recall the inspirational images of this British actress and fashion icon wearing her timeless pearls. Thanks to Ms Hepburn the style status of pearls soared, and as a result we all lusted after simple, stylish and classic pearls worn as a minimal accessory in their rawest form.


Marilyn Monroe
At the height of costume jewelry taking full force in our jewelry boxes, sex siren Marilyn Monroe grabbed our attention with statement-making pearl jewels. For Ms Monroe bigger meant better and she showed us how to achieve this look in the most classy, elegant way imaginable.


Princess Diana
The former Princess of Wales became Britain’s sweetheart for her kind nature, fun loving family ethos and beautiful gowns and jewels. One of the most iconic images of Diana features her wearing a strapless dress and a pearl clustered necklace. It opened the way for pearls and semi-precious stones to adorn the necks of everyday consumers, not just royalty.

27 Dresses - Paris Photocall With Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl
This effortlessly elegant American actress and film producer knows how to turn a few heads. Steal her style of wearing pearls alongside other gleaming gemstones to achieve a modern mix of contemporary charm and charisma.


Katy Perry
This lady sure knows how to steal the spotlight and Ms Perry choose to recently introduced pearls into her stage and off-duty ensembles. Get glam a la Katy Perry by picking the prettiest pearl pieces around.


Rashida Jones
And finally, there’s an alternative way to wear perfect pearls, as actress Rashida showcased a way to wear them with a punk-inspired edge.

No longer just classic, the story of pearls has evolved to suit every screen siren or style-setter.

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