Inside the Jewelry Closet of ALANOUD BADR (Lady FOZAZA)

Inside the Jewelry Closet of ALANOUD BADR (Lady FOZAZA)

Designer, socialite, entrepreneur, blogger and stylist, Alanoud Badr is one fashionista stealing the spotlight who exudes style, elegance and individuality. Being at the forefront of the fashion scene and one of the best-dressed ladies in the Gulf region, her unique vision and entrepreneurial spirit has caught the attention of many including over 200,000 fans on Instagram alone. Read on to discover her unrivaled collection of rare and pretty jewels and accessories with this ‘Inside Alanoud’s Jewelry Closet’ exclusive interview.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry in your collection and why?
“I love unique pieces, especially ones with meaning and value, my favorite piece is a vintage animal inspired brooch from my mom.”


Is there a piece you wear everyday?
“I have a thing for wings and elephants, one piece I wear all the time is a wing necklace with a heart in the center.”


What are some of your favorite designer jewelry brands?
LeiVanKash, Mawi, Elizabeth Cole, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Shourouk.”


Can you remember your first ever jewelry purchase?
“It’s something I made at a jewelry shop. A Ruby heart with an eye and wings.”


Who is your ultimate style icon and why?
“I don’t have one, but I’m a huge fan of both Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham and their amazing journeys.”


Do you have a style tip every girl should embrace?
“Be true to yourself. Trends are meant to look good on you, so if they don’t, create your own trend and make the rest of the world follow… Confidence and a great smile are the ultimate accessory, wear them with pride and the rest won’t need to struggle so much to show.”

Alanoud2-1Silver or Gold? Gold
Ruby or Emerald? Emerald
Crystals or Pearls? Crystals
Statement Earrings or Necklace? Necklace
Clip on or post-back earrings? Post-back
Less is more or more is more? Less is more

Alanoud Badr's Jewelry Closet

Here are a few of Alanoud Badr’s favorite jewels available at SOPHIESCLOSET.COM

Shourouk Neon Phenix Necklace
Shourouk Neon Phenix Necklace
LeiVanKash Dagger Ear Cuff
LeiVanKash Dagger Gold Ear Cuff
Kenneth Jay Lane Emerald Tiger Brooch
Kenneth Jay Lane Emerald Tiger Brooch







Photos: @fozaza. Follow Alanoud Badr on Instagram!

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